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Boğaziçi University Entrepreneurship Center

Entrepreneurship Seminar Series

Instructor: Dr. Joachim Behrendt
E-mail: j.behrendt@bicangels.com
Hours: 05:30pm – 08:00pm
Room: KoLounge Kolektifhouse Levent

The course will provide a basic understanding of entrepreneurship, of the entrepreneurial process from the business idea for a new venture to different exit options for ending a venture, and of the different opportunities entrepreneurs have to finance their venture. The course is structured as an interdisciplinary course, covering topics from all relevant areas of management both from a theoretical and a practical perspective. In order to help bridging the gap between theory and practice of entrepreneurship, guest speakers covering real-life cases will contribute to the course. Participants are encouraged to participate actively in the course, for example by pitching to investors.
Participation in the course is free.

Course Target Group, Prerequisites and Quotas
The course is targeting active and potential entrepreneurs who run or who consider opening their own venture. There are no formal prerequisites for the course.
The total number of course participants is limited (quota). Every individual requires registration. Preference at registration process will be given to regular participants of the course. Participants without registration will not have access guaranteed.

Course Objectives
The course will help participation students to decide if they would like to choose entrepreneurship as a profession, to evaluate if business ideas they have are sufficient as an opportunity for starting a new venture, and to know what to do for opening, financing, running and exiting their own venture.

Participants participating in at least 70% of the seminars (7 out of 10) will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

Guest Speakers
The course will host several guest speakers, like, for example, Turkish entrepreneurs, speakers from institutions supporting entrepreneurship in Turkey, incubators, business angels, venture capital funds, etc.

Elevator Pitches
Participants in the course will have the opportunity to train for an elevator pitch in the course. In an elevator pitch, entrepreneurs have 5 minutes to convince potential investors that it is worth to arrange a longer meeting with them to evaluate if they and their startup are worth an investment.

Course Dates and Preliminary Outline

22 Sept   The entrepreneurial ecosystem in Turkey
20 Oct    Entrepreneurship as a profession
17 Nov    Financial planning for startups 
15 Dec    Opportunity recognition and evaluation
12 Jan    Planning, developing and testing a business model
9 Feb      Market and competitor research
9 March Funding the startup – stage financing for ventures
6 April    The investment process – pitching and negotiations
4 May     Startup valuation
1 June    Success and failure as an entrepreneur

Course Materials
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