Evde Mimar

Evde Mimar makes happy homes by providing fast, honest and reliable solutions that makes your house more beautiful.


Hello7 is an application for people who wants to enlarge their English vocabulary. The application matches every word with an animated GIF and teaches its users 7 word each day.


iCaked is a marketplace and SaaS for bakeries that aims to bring their dream cakes to its users. Its users can design their cakes via iCaked 3D desgin tool.


Fithletic is a marketplace and SaaS solution to book daily appointments from fitness and sport centers. It allows their users to filter different activities and pay online.


Letz is a mobile application that lets you get together with your friends when you want to do something. By typing your plan with time and location you can reach your friends and meet them easily. Letz aims to cover every single process of activities to make it simpler and more fun.


Tarfin is a new generation technologic aggriculture seller that sells agriculture inputs to the farmers.


BlindID is a unique social media platform which allows you to make short, random calls with strangers. BlindID is available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store.


EvdekiBakicim is a marketplace solution that provides easiest, fastest and most reliable way to find sitters and care professionals.


CEOtudent is a content-driven social, business and technology news and digital media website trying to inspire, and present different lifestyles choices to young professionals and college students


Doktorderki is an online system that directly provides people to talk to a doctor about their questions and problems regarding health via credits they buy.


Lala Education provides students’ daily/weekly/monthly performance measurement and reporting system for teachers and schools during the university preparation period.


Influanza is an Influencer Marketing Platform for Startups & SMB’s. Influanza connects startups & SMB’s with micro-influencers; enabling influencers to experience free products or services, in exchange of promoting them through social media posts.

Local Guddy

A travel marketplace which connects travelers and locals who want to make extra income and new friends by showing travelers around.

İyi Sahne

İyi Sahne in an online marketplace solution for the people who want to meet and rent service from singers, artists, musicians etc.  and get special price offers for their special events. On the same website musicians, singers, performance artists, etc. can introduce themselves, their services to sell people, and create their own profiles.


ErasmusInn is a social business founded to help international students for finding the right place to live before studying abroad by enabling verified hosts to rent their spare rooms in cities all over Europe. ErasmusInn offers a safer, smarter and more secure way to book accommodation than traditional property listing websites.

Kolay Randevu

Kolay Randevu is a marketplace and SaaS solution to book an appointment from barbershops, massage saloons, beauty parlors, etc. The founders of Kolay Randevu are from Koc Incubation Center and Kolay Randevu is a leading player of its business in Turkey with more than 400 service businesses within their website.


Bionluk is a website that gathers different talents under a single roof, it is a marketplace for freelance workers and people who seek affordable and part-time work. Bionluk provides these services for not only individuals but also corporations.


Virtkick is a new cloud infrastructure management tool. Simplicity and privacy are their core goals. Virtkick is easy to install and use, and by hosting users cloud infrastructure in their own premises users can be sure that there is no else with access to their data.


Scorp is a mobile application that enables users to upload videos up to 15 minutes. There are several informative and funny videos in categories with different comments and perspectives. Therefore, Scorp gives a chance to shape social and visual media.


Flightrecorder is a beautiful dashboard for captured user actions, crash reports and mobile analytics for better apps. User session recordings along with all relevant data like CPU, memory usage, location and literally all the sensor and phone data visible to the app are stored for anytime any device playback.


TemizlikYolda is an online market place for cleaning services where consumers can access many categories like house cleaning, dry cleaning, carpet cleaning, housekeeping, laundry and ironing based on their location.


Connected2.me is a global social network website which provides communication anonymously. In Connected2.me when a user installs the application, the user is given a link: connected2.me/user. Anyone going to that link can chat with the user whether they are on mobile or on desktop. Connected2.me runs on both web and mobile platforms.

Hızlı Çeviri

Hızlı Çeviri is an online translation platform. Currently it supports 20 languages with local and foreign translators for proofreading. The interpreters use a special software Translation Memory enabling fast translations. Hızlı Çeviri also provides quality control by various tools and expert editors.


Woto is a new type of social publishing solution that sits in the middle ground between Facebook, Twitter, blogs and websites. It’s for people who want to share more than a small box-sized social media post, without the complexity of a website or the commitment of a blog. Woto makes this possible by introducing the […]


Prisync provides price comparison service for e-commerce companies, manufacturers, and market research companies. After determining the products and list of competitors, companies can follow their competitors’ pricing efficiently and effectively, and develop their marketing and pricing strategies accordingly.


GastroClub, with its over 500 restaurants and 20,000 members in 6 cities, it is the biggest loyalty platform in the dining industry in Turkey. It is also Turkey’s only dining club. Via GastroClub mobile app or plastic card, it provides various advantages and privileges such as discounts and priority in reservation for elite diners in […]


Kargoweb is Turkey’s first cargo forwarding company that carries customer’s packages to more than 220 countries and regions. Its main customer interface is www.kargoweb.com. Kargoweb’s customers enjoy high quality for low prices. By a few clicks they get their parcels picked up from their door and delivered to the receiver’s door.


Telefonkilifim.com is a web platform where users can design their own phone cases. Moreover the company offers several cases with a wide selection of designs both online and offline and also technological innovative solutions. It is the first domestic company in Turkey which makes research and development, design and production. The aim is to make […]


Anlatsın.com is a professional student platform, forming a bridge between universities and business world. Various companies and organizations post challenges for students to solve, giving them the chance to prove themselves and offering them various prizes, internship and job opportunities.

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